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Treat yourself to not only a great stay at the best beaches of Thailand but also a divine SPA of first-class SPA-centres of Phuket, such as:


Find out for yourself at any of three Phuket locations, why Oasis Spa has received the coveted "Tourism Award of Excellence Day Spa" multiple times along with many other prestigious awards. Take an interlude from the beach to discover Oasis Spa with their distinctive Lanna identity. Famous for combining ancient Thai therapy with the latest discoveries in beauty and wellness, you will love the extreme relaxation and rejuvenation … refreshing and revitalization … re-centering and renewal.




Tarn Tara Spa, with more than 14 years of experience, can guarantee you to meet a magical touch and reward your mind and body to the paradise of real total relaxation.

Nearly 1 year to find out the best location for Tarn Tara Spa, the hidden spa, cool calm and serenity, in the middle of twin fresh lake, where else can be the paradise on the island with the environment of tropical garden, keep you close to the nature which all mankind yearning for. Tarn Tara Spa is the spa from inner through outer.



In Phuket, a tropical paradise rich with cultural heritage and holistic remedies, we live a simple yet sophisticated life.
We care for physical well-being through the rituals of massage, botanical compresses and steam, and bathing. To nourish the soul, we live with respect, joy and hospitality. Taught from childhood to service to others, we live amongst nature with love and respect.
The richness of the culture is woven together with the practice of ancient healing therapies inspired Phuket Thais. In 2003, emerged from the effort of family and friends is Sukko Cultural Spa, the world’s first Thai cultural day spa with the intention to present the beauty of Thai culture and living. Sukko is The Absolute Happiness of life. Sukko Spa Resort is then established to enable a more comprehensive Sukko experience.
With a dentist and Thai traditional doctor and herbalist amongst its founders, Sukko's treatments and the ethic of its services are an integration of traditional wisdom and modern knowledge.
While our guests relax, Sukko never rests. We focus on constant improvement to provide the highest standards of services. Our dedication is endorsed by leading industry awards:

- Excellent Day Spa: Health Tourism from The 9th Thailand Tourism Award (Kinnaree Awards) 2013
- World Quality Standard 2012 : Thailand Trust Mark 2012 – 2015 by Ministry of Commerce
- Platinum Thai Spa World Class Standard 2010 – 2013
- Excellent Day Spa: Health Tourism from The 8th Thailand Tourism Award (Kinnaree Awards) 2010
- Outstanding Performance Day Spa: Health Tourism from The 7th Thailand Tourism Award (Kinnaree Awards) 2008
- The Excellent Spa of Thailand from HAPA 2008 – 2010
- The Best Spa in Southeast Asia from HAPA 2008 – 2010
- 150 World-class Spas by Spa Asia Magazine 2006










Asia Journey Exclusive Co., Ltd
919/535 (A), Jewelry Trade Center 47th Floor,
Silom Rd., Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500
Tel +66 2 630 3955; Fax +66 2 236 1823

09:00 - 18:00 working days,
10:00 - 15:00 Saturdays,
day off - Sunday.

Company Registration No: 0105556066701
TAT Travel Agent License No: 14/01461
ATTA Certificate No: 03481